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The Multicultural Health Institute(MHI) seeks to level the healthcare playing field by promoting, educating, and insuring equal healthcare access and treatment for individuals and communities who are traditionally uninsured and receive a poor quality of care.

We support programs that educate, identify, and test for diseases such as: Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease, Infant Mortality, HIV/AIDS, and other health issues affecting under-represented communities across the United States which also help reduce the costs of healthcare. 
What's New and Announcements from MHI
Multicultural Health Institute Awarded Grant from Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation
Lisa Merritt, MD, CEO of the Multicultural Health Institute was pleased to received a $13,700 award from the Healthcare Foundation. The MHI pioneering program to reach and ensure equal health care access and treatment for under-served communities uses a multi-generational approach to healing and wellness in the setting of "Healing Circles".
The award from Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation will assist MHI to educate and screen at risk populations and facilitate optimal and early linkage to care. Building on previous success of evidence based initiatives, MHI is forming "healing circles", using stress management and self-wellness techniques while training lay people how to formulate subsequent healing circles and spread the positive message of optimal lifestyle choices and here to get help from the many local resources available to provide it. It is hoped with greater self-awareness and linkage to regular and culturally competent care, vulnerable populations will learn to blunt the effects of chronic disease.
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Multicultural Health Institute
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