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The Multicultural Health Institute(MHI) seeks to level the healthcare playing field by promoting, educating, and insuring equal healthcare access and treatment for individuals and communities who are traditionally uninsured and receive a poor quality of care.

We support programs that educate, identify, and test diseases such as: Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease, Infant Mortality, HIV/AIDS, and other health issues affecting under-represented communities across the United States.

Did you know MHI has touched over 25,000 lives in the last 4 years through health education and screening programs targeting diverse health issues.
What's New and Announcements from MHI
Booker High School -in the College Resource Room (Located in the Front Office)
April 25th, 2014 ~ 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
• Get help completing the FAFSA
• Advice and Planning for Career Path
• Curriculum Planning
• College Resources
• Information on Science and Health-Related Careers
• Guest Speaker - Dr. Lisa Merritt
Events Deal with Dementia, Housing and Hearing Loss: Read Here ~ Cash for College Resources: ~ FST Thurgood Online Forum:
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Remember Us For The Giving Partner Challenge! May 6th & 7th
From noon to noon on May 6 & 7, everyone can be a philanthropist. We are one of the few health-related participating organizations that have demonstrated transparency by developing an in-depth profile online.
May is Mental Health Month!
Join us for "Mind Your Health" and learn about the importance of mental health to overall health and wellness and get tips and tools for taking positive actions to protect mental health and promote whole health. 

May 6th  from 1:00pm - 7:00pm @ Genesis Health Services, 3333 N Washington Blvd #3, Sarasota, FL

See who are the Nonprofit teams for the 2014 Giving Challenge! Nonprofit Teamwork in the 2014 Giving Challenge 
Check our in-depth profile: Giving Partner Profile
Click here to donate during the Giving Partner Challenge, visit

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